Inspection & Maintenance of Fire Protection Equipment


Inspection and Maintenance of Fire Protection Equipment 

Inspection and Maintenance of fire protection equipment training, will enable people responsible for fire maintenance and safety to achieve the specific skills knowledge and recommended practices meeting the requirements of section 1,6,9,10 and 11 of Australian Standards 1851 for compliant smoke detectors, fire hose reels, fire extinguishers and fire blankets respectively.

 Certificate of Achievement issued for 
 Inspection and Maintenance of Portable Fire protection equipment

Upon successfull completion of the course students will be able to: 
-Recognize and Determine different types of Fire Extinguishers
-Perform a fire equipment selection survey
-Inspect Portable Fire Extinguishers in accordance with AS1851
-Inspection Fire Hose Reels in accordance with AS1851
-Inspection Fire Blankets in accordance with AS1851
-Inspection Smoke Detectors in accordance with AS1851
-Complete reports from Inspection and Maintenance 
-Complete Required annual statements

More information

The training is performed in a controlled compliant training room utilizing Axiom Compliance equipment, the training is conducted over one day. Courses can be conducted at your site utilising fire equipment on site if numbers permit.

Program outline
The course will be delivered using blended learning, a combination of one-on-one, group theory instruction, practical practice and assessment. The training is sequenced in a way that allows a logical progression. You will be provided with professionally presented reference material and testing equipment to assist you to develop your knowledge of the subject.

Assessment requirements
The assessment is conducted using a combination of realistic demonstrations, tasks and knowledge tests. The following provides a brief explanation of the assessment methods applied:
Demonstration: You are required to demonstrate a range of skills whilst being observed by, or interacting with, the assessor. The activities will be clearly explained and always relate to duties relevant to your principle function in the workplace. These activities allow the assessor to observe you applying your knowledge and skills during practical activity.
Written Reports: You are required to produce a range of written records based on real testing and inspection provided by the assessor.

Tasks: You are required to undertake a range of tasks provided by the assessor. Tasks will require the creation of various documents (reports, risk assessments etc). Tasks will be supervised and have practical components where you will be asked to provide the outcomes/results of the tasks.

Knowledge Test: You are required to undertake a number of written knowledge tests over the course of your study. These tests will be provided to you by the assessor you will be required to individually complete the test. You may research your answers from the course training materials and notes as well as relevant references.